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Your wagonmaster is familiar with all the roads\, places and attractions on the itinerary! The Kountry Klub has prearranged the entire trip for you\, including campgrounds\, entertainment\, sightseeing tours and tourist attractions. This is an unforgettable journey! After the Caravan ends\, you still have plenty of time to visit areas of Alaska and Western Canada. And much\, much more. \nThis NKK Caravan requires that you are responsible for yourself and your ability to get on and off all Transportation (bus\, boat etc). Terrain (stairs\, inclines\, trails and uneven surfaces) may not always be suitable for wheelchairs and walkers. Guests relying on the aid of walkers\, crutches or other mobility devices must travel with a partner capable of assisting. \n\nNOTE: The electrical service on this caravan may not always accommodate your air conditioner or other substantial electric loads. The itinerary is subject to change without notice due to weather or road conditions. Moderate walking is involved on some of the tours. \n\nBook Now! Limited to 20 Units. \n\nSCHEDULED ITINERARY:\nJune 1-3 – Edmonton\, AB\nJune 4-5 – Dawson Creek\, BC\nJune 6 – Fort Nelson\, YT\nJune 7-8 – Muncho Lake\, YT\nJune 9 – Watson Lake\, YT\nJune 10 – Teslin\, YT\nJune 11-14 – Skagway\, AK\nJune 15-16 – Whitehorse\, YT\nJune 17 – Destruction\, YT\nJune 18-20 – Tok\, AK\nJune 21-23 – Valdez\, AK\nFree time to explore on your own\nJune 24-26 – Palmer\, AK\nAnd\, much\, much more\nJune 27-29 – Seward\, AK\nJune 30 – July 3 – Homer\, AK\nJuly 4-6 – Anchorage\, AK\nJuly 7-9 – Denali\, AK\nJuly 10-14 – Fairbanks\, AK \nPACKAGE INCLUDES:\n44 days/43 nights camping with electric & water\, some with full hookups\nWelcome reception and travel briefing\n18 tours\, shows and cruises\n18 meals scheduled plus potlucks and socials\nVisit three glaciers\, one of which you can walk on\nKountry Klub Alaska Caravan Jacket\nCopy of the “Milepost” Travel Guide\nGroup Photo\nPrice includes taxes and gratuities\nTwo Fulltime Kountry Klub experienced host couples \n\nFeatured Activities: \nWhite Pass Summit Railroad Tour\, Fjordline Cruise to Juneau with City Tour\, Prince William Sound Cruise to Meares Glacier Palmer Museum & Visitor Center\, Kenai Fjord Cruise\, Alaska Sea Life Center\, Alaska Native Heritage Center\, Denali Park Backcountry Tour\, Fairbanks City Tour\, Riverboat Discovery Cruise\, Optional meals\, tours and fishing excursions may be offered at additional cost. \n\nTotal Package Price (in US Funds) \nTwo People in Unit: $6\,989.00\nOne Person In Unit: $5\,379.00\nAdditional Guest in Unit: $1\,610.00 \n\nDeposit of $750.00 per person due at time of booking. Balance due March 17\, 2019.\nFor further information and itinerary call the Kountry Klub office 877-639-5582 \n\nProgram to Thank Our Officers\nWe are offering a 10% discount to the first State/Provincial Director to register and a 5% discount to the first Chapter Officer to register. To qualify you must be in office at least 6 months. As a State/Provincial Director you must have held a rally in the past year or have one scheduled. As a chapter officer it must be an active chapter with at least one rally held in the past year. You must identify yourself as such upon registering to receive the discount. \n\nRegistration For Alaska Caravan\n\n \n \n \n .gf-cache-buster-form-container { }\n .loader\,\n .loader:before\,\n .loader:after {\n border-radius: 50%;\n width: 2.5em;\n height: 2.5em;\n -webkit-animation-fill-mode: both;\n animation-fill-mode: both;\n -webkit-animation: load7 1.8s infinite ease-in-out;\n animation: load7 1.8s infinite ease-in-out;\n }\n .loader {\n color: rgba( 0\, 0\, 0\, 0.5 );\n font-size: 10px;\n margin: 0 auto 80px;\n position: relative;\n text-indent: -9999em;\n -webkit-transform: translateZ(0);\n -ms-transform: translateZ(0);\n transform: translateZ(0);\n -webkit-animation-delay: -0.16s;\n animation-delay: -0.16s;\n }\n .loader:before\,\n .loader:after {\n content: '';\n position: absolute;\n top: 0;\n }\n .loader:before {\n left: -3.5em;\n -webkit-animation-delay: -0.32s;\n animation-delay: -0.32s;\n }\n .loader:after {\n left: 3.5em;\n }\n @-webkit-keyframes load7 {\n 0%\,\n 80%\,\n 100% {\n box-shadow: 0 2.5em 0 -1.3em;\n }\n 40% {\n box-shadow: 0 2.5em 0 0;\n }\n }\n @keyframes load7 {\n 0%\,\n 80%\,\n 100% {\n box-shadow: 0 2.5em 0 -1.3em;\n }\n 40% {\n box-shadow: 0 2.5em 0 0;\n }\n }\n \n \n \n ( function ( $ ) {\n $.post( ''\, {\n action: 'gfcb_get_form'\,\n form_id: '13'\,\n atts: '{"id":"13"\,"title":"false"\,"description":"false"\,"cachebuster":"1"}'\n }\, function( response ) {\n $( '#gf-cache-buster-form-container-13' ).html( response ).fadeIn();\n if( window['gformInitDatepicker'] ) {\n gformInitDatepicker();\n }\n } );\n } ( jQuery ) );\n \n\n \n URL: CATEGORIES:Special Events ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/png: ORGANIZER;CN="Newmar%20Kountry%20Klub" END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR