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October 2017

on Sunday, 01 October 2017. Posted in Region Six

We are so blessed to have so many Newmar Friends. In July we attended the Region Seven & Eight Joint Rally in Shediac, New Brunswick. We added to our list of friends as we met so many interesting and nice people at this rally. I have never attended a rally before where dinner one night was two whole lobsters cooked right at the campground. We ate the tail, claws, and knuckles but just couldn’t bring ourselves to eat the body so we gave them away. Many of the group visited the Hopewell Rocks at the Bay of Fundy. We walked on the ocean floor and looked up at the top of the rocks 40+ feet above us and marveled that the tide would come in about five hours from when we were there to reach the top of the rocks. A visit to Prince Edward Island was also accomplished. After the rally we visited St John and St Andrew with our friends Barak & Valerie Stevens. We were sad to have to leave beautiful Canada but we had rallies to attend back in our Region.

August 2017

on Tuesday, 01 August 2017. Posted in Region Six

As we mentioned in our last article we were looking forward to seeing our Newmar family at this year’s rallies. We started off the season with the Michigan Aires and the Great Lakers in Frankenmuth. We had a great time and signed up a new member that we discovered in the campground parked right across the street. I am so happy that the hosts of the rally invited them to breakfast. This gave us and the Michigan Aires President, Chuck and wife Michelle the opportunity to talk with them about the klub. They are young and is working and she is in nursing school. This brings me to one of the important issues of growing your chapters. Please remember that we need younger members to step in as the older members start phasing out. If all of your chapter rallies for the season are the weekdays these people do not have a chance to join you unless their schedules are extremely flexible. So please keep this in mind when scheduling.

June 2017

on Thursday, 01 June 2017. Posted in Region Six

Today is the last day of April and we are here at Newmar having some warranty work done. We will leave here and meet up with the Michigan Aires and the Great Lakers later this week for our first rally of the season. As many have said before it is like getting to see your family that have been gone for about six months. Our calendar is getting really full with all the chapter rallies that have been scheduled. 

We spent a nice weekend with Ron & Wanda Llewellyn helping to celebrate their almost surprise 50th wedding anniversary along with some of our Newmar friends, both Ron’s and Wanda’s families, Fair Board friends, and other friends and family members. They had four generations represented at their celebration. Ron & Wanda were there usual gracious hosts. Congratulations and thank you for including us.   In Pueblo at the International Ralph and Nancy Dennis agreed to take on the responsibility of Chapter President for the Bluegrass Kountry Roamers. At International there was a small contingency of new members from KY and we are hoping that you will pitch in and help Ralph and Nancy get this chapter moving again. 

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