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October 2017

on Sunday, 01 October 2017. Posted in Region One

By the time you are reading this the 2017 Newmar International Rally will have just ended on October 7th. At the time this article is being written in mid-August there are already more than 400 rigs registered. With the parking and registration duties being the responsibility of the host region last year at the International in Pueblo, Colorado we were in change of parking and registration. With currently no Region Two Director we have been asked to assist Region Three with parking and registration again the year. We want to thank all of the volunteers from Region One who have stepped up again to work with us in Sedalia. With no Region Two Directors we have been tasked with the responsibility for parking and registration in Gillette, Wyoming in 2018. We will be sending out an email sometime in December asking for volunteers for Gillette.

August 2017

on Tuesday, 01 August 2017. Posted in Region One

Where has the first half of 2017 gone? It seems like every year the time goes by faster and faster. By the time you are reading this the 32nd Newmar International will be just a few weeks away in Sedalia, Missouri. The International begins on Monday, October 2nd with early parking on Friday, September 29th. For those of you who have been procrastinating there is still time to register. Registration is open until Friday, September 15th. Our Region will be assisting with parking and registration in Sedalia and will again be responsible for parking and registration in 2018 at the 33rd International in Gillette, Wyoming. 

There are still several rallies in our Region in 2017. The California Golden Bears have their rally in Vacaville, California August 22 to 26 at Vineyard RV Park. Expect to let your belt out a notch or two after this one. Colorado State has their rally in Fort Collins, Colorado at the Lakeside KOA September 14 to 18.  Murray and Doris have some great activities planned and there rally dates work well for anyone traveling on east to the International. After the International the Arizona State rally will be in Congress, Arizona; October 19 to 22 at Escapees North Ranch. Attend this rally and you can tell all your friends that you “were in Congress” once.

June 2017

on Thursday, 01 June 2017. Posted in Region One

It’s hard to believe that in just 4 short weeks 2017 will be half over. Where has the time gone?  In just a few months we will be staring at Christmas and the holidays racing at us at a fast pace.  

Our Region One rally was held in May in Hemet, California the home of the Ramona Pageant which has been performed annually since 1923 and is the oldest continuously running outdoor play in the United States. The play is based on the 1884 novel by Helen Hunt Jackson about Ramona and her Indian lover Alessandro.  The play was the highlight of the rally. We also paid a visit to the Western Science Center where we saw a wide array of fossils and other artifacts uncovered during the excavation of the Diamond Valley Lake. Also in May was the New Mexico State Rally in Taos, New Mexico hosted by Ron and Carmen Ward.

There four more rallies in Region 1 prior to the International is Sedalia, Missouri in October. The California State / 49ers joint rally is at the Wine Country RV Resort in Paso Robles, California from June 19 to 23, the Colorado Kruisin Aires is at the Steamboat Springs KOA in Steamboat Springs, Colorado from June 22 to 25, the California Golden Bears is holding theirs in Vacaville, California at the Vineland RV Park from August 22 to 26, and finally the Colorado State rally is being held from September 14 to 17 at the Lakeside KOA in Fort Collins, Colorado.Please consult the Konnection calendar for details on these rallies.

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