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December 2017

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I saw a sign the other day that said, “Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying” ….W. Clement Stone. When I read this, it seemed apparent this was written for all those that attended a rally. There is so much fun and education in going to a rally but there is a greater satisfaction for those who volunteer at a rally. Those who are planning the rally achieve success for their efforts and the success is maintained by their continued efforts.

The official count at the 2017 International rally is set at 457 coaches. Bob and Bonnie Krieger did an outstanding job once again and we thank them for their leadership and dedication to the Klub. Of course, we all know that no rally could be held without the VOLUNTEERS and this year the there was no shortage of volunteers. We thank them all for doing such a great job including the BC Provincial Directors Wayne & Doris Erickson who arrived early to help with the Klub store. This was the first time the Klub has gone to this location in Sedalia and the location certainly was a great fit for a fabulous time with wonderful food and entertainment.

October 2017

on Sunday, 01 October 2017. Posted in Region Nine

I saw a sign the other day that said, “Is there anything technology can’t do?” As technology advances, we poor humans are getting desperate for sources of self-esteem. Everyone knows computers can play chess and Jeopardy! better than we can. They sort thousands of documents for relevance in legal cases faster, cheaper and better than lawyers do. They assemble electronic products in factories faster, cheaper and better than people do. They can drive cars better than human drivers can. So we grasp at evidence of our continued superiority over the machine. Recent articles, for example, show that computers are still pretty poor at humor, and they make some obvious blunders as psychotherapists. Yet any comfort we derive from these facts is unfounded, because it overlooks a crucial reality: The technology is getting roughly twice as powerful every two years, while we humans are not. Ignoring that reality leads us astray as we confront one of the center-stage issues of our time: How will humans create value and earn a rising standard of living when technology keeps doing more work better than we do? Specifically, we seek an answer in the wrong way by asking the wrong next question: What is it that technology inherently cannot do? While it seems like common sense that the skills computers can’t acquire will be valuable, the lesson of history is that it’s dangerous to claim there are any skills that computers cannot eventually acquire.

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