December 2017

on Friday, 01 December 2017. Posted in Ohio

Here we are back home staying in Ohio, preparing for Winter.

The International Rally in Sedalia, MO was great. Seeing old friends from all over the USA and Canada was special and of course, making new friends is always neat. We enjoyed all the festivities, activities, vendor displays, food and entertainment (especially Bil Lepp the story teller). Beverly went on the Budweiser Tour and Flash had fun at the Golf outing.

We also spent some of our time working with the Llewellyn’s – doing whatever they needed us to do as they were in charge of the info desk, lost & found, mail, golf cart assignment/exchange/relocation and several other duties) . We both enjoyed working with our friends Ron & Wanda.

October 2017

on Sunday, 01 October 2017. Posted in Ohio

Summer is almost over. We have met many new friends at the Rallies this year. RVers are fun folks!

Our first State Rally was held in Ohio Amish Country and it was a great success. We had rally crashers former Region Six Directors, Jim & Judy Ploesser. This was a great surprise to everyone and we all enjoyed having them. We had a Mystery Tour and it was a success. No one could tell where we were going until we arrived at Famous Endings Museum in Dover, OH. Dave Herzig, owner/funeral director gave us a comprehensive review of how he started the Museum in his funeral home. He told us how he started collecting memorabilia of famous people’s funerals such as programs, and funeral cards and items from their lives. He had many stories of how once people found out what he was doing they would call and ask if he wanted items or just send them to him.

August 2017

on Tuesday, 01 August 2017. Posted in Ohio

As we write this article we are in beautiful Dexter, Maine with our beautiful family (Tress Great Grand kids). Many kisses and hugs!!!

Our May Rally hosted by Donna and Steve White was very interesting and full of fun with three brand new Buckeye members attending (Boring, Lewis and Fox). The tour of CBS-TV Channel 10 in Columbus (arranged by Bob Lewis and son David) was a real treat and will be remembered by us all (we even got to play weather forecasters in front of that “GREEN” screen used in TV broadcasts). Thanks again to the White’s for the great start for our first Rally in 2017.

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