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August 2017

on Tuesday, 01 August 2017. Posted in New York

We just had a rally at the  home of John & Nancy Alguire where an Eastern New York Klub has been started. We would like to thank the Alguire’s for their hospitality and entertainment. The Hudson Aires is the name of the new chapter.

This was a great rally with starting a chapter, great boat rides, and of course great food and plenty of it.We had nine units there with two Newmar couples attending the rally for the meeting on Saturday. Thanks goes out to John & Nancy Alguire, and Tom Hancock for organizing the rally which started last year in the planning stages. There are 24 members of the Hudson Aires. Elected officers are

President- John Svatek Vice President- Clyde Pierce Secretary  - Diane Svatek Treasurer- Linda Pierce

2017 Int'l Rally Report


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  • 2018 Western Caravan
  • 2018 International Rally
  • 2018 Calgary Stampede Canadian Rockies Caravan July 5 15

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