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February 2018

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A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world. Leo Buscaglia

A single rose, a single friend, but oh my, what a bunch of roses means. Each event we attend adds roses to our garden. But like our garden, it takes some tending to keep it going. We certainly miss time with many of our old friends and wish we had more time to spend with our new friends. It is one of the pitfalls of traveling on a time-restricting schedule and trying to meet your expectations. So we hope you follow us through our articles and accept these as a personal message to you!

As we remanence about 2017, our garden grew with many new blossoms. The first new additions to our rose garden were at the Tampa RV Super Show. We arrived early to help set up for the parking. We met new volunteers from Region Five and tended to the established garden of Region Directors whom we see a few times a year as we work events together and attend rallies.

Our winter in southwest Florida is not really down time as we host the monthly luncheons and host the Florida Keys rally. As most of you know, the Keys rally was cancelled this year because of the damage caused by the hurricane. But the first few months of the year are spent planning for the next event and we are currently working on the 2018 Rally in the Florida Keys. Keep your eye on the monthly Happenings, the Konnection and the information online for details.

December 2017

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Share your smile with the world. It’s a symbol of friendship and peace. - Christie Brinkley

Our adventures into the Newmar Kountry Klub world of traveling has given us many opporunities to smile. And what you give is what you receive. The recent International Rally in Sedalia, MO is a prime example. We were blessed with so many smiles, that they brought light where there was darkeness, even on a dreary, rainy day!

Speaking with those we represent has brought us few concerns and many smiles. For the most part, members are content with the klub and excited about its future. This year we have seen joy at the number of new members who are getting involved, not only on the international level, like volunteering at the rally, but also in joining chapters all over North America.

The international rally offers opportunities for new members that opens the door for more involvement. With 177 new member units in attendance this year and their presence reminds us that there is much to learn and much to share. This requires participation from both the giver and the receiver…and it usually starts with a smile!

Although there were many technical seminars, the Fulltimers Chapter seminars each day are one of the best opporunities to make life easier on the road. New RVers and even those with some experience can gain from these seminars. Great job Fulltimers!

And joining chapters, states and regions for their local rallies is a stepping stone not only to learn more tips for living the RV lifestyle, but offers the current members the chance to share their knowledge. We encourage everyone to attend our rallies not only to learn, but to smile and receive the blessings of friendship.


October 2017

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Life is a journey that must be traveled no matter how bad the roads and accommodations. - Oliver Goldsmith

If there is one thing we learn as we travel through life, it is that life goes on no matter what. We’ve all had our bumps in the road, but back of every cloud there is sunshine and beauty. Our travels have taken us to mountains, prairies and seashores. Some roads have been pretty rough, but when we get there it has always been worth the travel. Spending time with our Newmar family is gold at the end of the rainbow!

Since our last report, we have attended more very interesting rallies. In late June we traveled to Shediac, NB Canada for the Regions 7 & 8 Joint Rally hosted by the Aurum Kountry Travelers Chapter. WOW, and WOW again. We learned so much about the intuitive Canadians thanks to Marg Bassindale who shared with us all the inventions her fellow Canadians have provided and which have had a profound affect on all of us. We also learned a lot about lobster fishing and how to dismantle one for some fine cuisine! In addition we visited Hopewell Rocks where at low tide you can walk on the beach and at high tide you either swim of view from the top. The tide can rise to 39’, so it is best to return to the top. We want to give a shout out to the Bassindale’s, Hadley’s, Melanson’s, and others who helped to make this a wonderful adventure. Those attending were the gold at the end of the rainbow and it was a joy to help them celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday!

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