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October 2017

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Life is a journey that must be traveled no matter how bad the roads and accommodations. - Oliver Goldsmith

If there is one thing we learn as we travel through life, it is that life goes on no matter what. We’ve all had our bumps in the road, but back of every cloud there is sunshine and beauty. Our travels have taken us to mountains, prairies and seashores. Some roads have been pretty rough, but when we get there it has always been worth the travel. Spending time with our Newmar family is gold at the end of the rainbow!

Since our last report, we have attended more very interesting rallies. In late June we traveled to Shediac, NB Canada for the Regions 7 & 8 Joint Rally hosted by the Aurum Kountry Travelers Chapter. WOW, and WOW again. We learned so much about the intuitive Canadians thanks to Marg Bassindale who shared with us all the inventions her fellow Canadians have provided and which have had a profound affect on all of us. We also learned a lot about lobster fishing and how to dismantle one for some fine cuisine! In addition we visited Hopewell Rocks where at low tide you can walk on the beach and at high tide you either swim of view from the top. The tide can rise to 39’, so it is best to return to the top. We want to give a shout out to the Bassindale’s, Hadley’s, Melanson’s, and others who helped to make this a wonderful adventure. Those attending were the gold at the end of the rainbow and it was a joy to help them celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday!

August 2017

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Every day is a new day, and you'll never be able to find happiness if you don't move on. Carrie Underwood

Moving on is exactly what we have been doing...and we found happiness all along the way! May began with a trip to the Oklahoma State Rally in Poteau, OK. Larry and Patsy Wood, Oklahoma State Directors did a great job of sharing happiness with not only their current members, but several new members as well. Getting there was a bit of a challenge though. If you recall, there was much rain in the area and we had not one, but two interstate detours due to high water. One gave us detour directions, the other did not. A nine-hour trip became a twelve-hour trip, but Larry and Patsy were there to meet us and provide us a meal over the campfire. Visiting the Spiro Indian Mounds was a treat for me as we sincerely enjoy native history. And Heavener Runestone Park was enlightening. I never guessed the Vikings could have found their way to Oklahoma long before other invaders, but the truth is there!

June 2017

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Smiles are the seeds to friendship...

Often I look for quotes from famous people, but decided I could share my quotes, too.  Smiles are so important to any endeavor we attempt and undoubtedly lead to better interactions with people and are ‘seeds to growth.’We see this everywhere we go, especially in the Newmar Kountry Klub!  Our efforts as Members-at-Large open the door to many connections and we have yet to find people who do not start their conversations with a smile.  This certainly relaxes us as we venture into new experiences and new people.

Smiles are also the lifeline for the klub. We watch our members start with smiles when they are greeting new members.  We see sparkle in the faces of those same people when they greet old friends and newer friends. This is a valuable commodity for the klub!  

Our Southwest Florida Luncheons are so enjoyable because of the many smiles shared. We are sure those hosting luncheons and breakfasts through North america America also feel their efforts are appreciated when they see so many smiling faces at their function. We encourage all of our members, new and old alike, to attend these events. Some offer speakers with information valuable to the RV traveler. But often, it is just a time to enjoy one another’s company and meet new people.

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