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Evan & Debbie Hughes (19771)
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The spirit of the Newmar Kountry Klub Fulltimers Chapter, “FUN AND FRIENDSHIP”, summarizes what Newmar owners living the full-time RV lifestyle are all about. Chapter members develop close friendships and enjoy socializing with each other, other NKK members and other RVers. We enjoy helping those who are thinking about or just beginning life on the road. Our rallies, naturally open to all Newmar Kountry Klub members, are among the best! We seek out scenic venues, special events and memorable group activities to make each rally unique.


NKK Fulltimers Chapter members come from all over the US, Canada and even Bermuda, and since our RVs are our principal residences, we are free to travel when and where we wish. There are as many ways to enjoy the fulltiming lifestyle as there are fulltimers out on the road. Some of our members travel around the country with the goal of seeing as much of what this great land has to offer. Some travel between a couple of select locations throughout the year seeking the wonderful weather or spending time with friends and family. Other members stay in one location but live in their Newmar. And yet others find their own way of enjoying this lifestyle. The one thing that ties us all together is that we live in our Newmars.

Through this lifestyle we are able to develop friendships with other fulltimers that often last long periods of time. We enjoy gathering with other fulltimers and other Newmar owners at some of the many events put on by the NKK, by regions, states and chapters of the NKK. Our chapter hosts at least one rally each year. At which we hold our annual business meeting. That rally is held the week before the Newmar Kountry Klub International Rally and is located in the surrounding area. Our rally, like all NKK rallies, is open to all members of the NKK. This rally is held within a day’s drive of the Newmar Kountry Klub International so we can caravan in as a group and usually stay as close as possible at the rally site, which allows us to continue our enjoyment of each other’s company.

Our chapter is not limited to just this one rally. We have luncheon and breakfast gatherings hosted by members in other areas as we move about. This year we plan to offer our members the opportunity to meet up at impromptu rallys we are calling ‘Popup Rallies”. We have a number of ways to keep in touch as we travel such as a Yahoo Group Forum, a Facebook Group and our quarterly newsletter, the Traveling Times. Additionally, all NKK members can access the information flyers and registration forms for our scheduled events by way of the Info-links on NKK’s online calendar.

We welcome all that enjoy the fulltimers lifestyle to be a members if:

  • You own an RV made by the Newmar Corporation
  • You are a member in good standing of the Newmar Kountry Klub
  • Your Newmar RV is your primary residence

We are proud of our chapter and its wonderful people, and we’d love to have you join us. To join, please download and fill out the Membership Application and Renewal Form, include a check for $6 made out to the NKK Fulltimers Chapter, and mail it to the Fulltimers Secretary at the address on the form.

2018 Int'l Rally Update

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Special Events

  • 2018 Western Caravan
  • 2018 International Rally
  • 2018 Calgary Stampede Canadian Rockies Caravan July 5 15

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