August 2017

on Tuesday, 01 August 2017. Posted in California

It is often said “Were has the time gone”!!    California has completed two rallies this year and the Bears rally is the third, August 22-26, 2017.Plus the Region One was in California in May. We have been extremely busy with rallies and traveling in our Newmar RV. A special thanks goes to the first time presidents and vice-presidents of the 49’ers for co-hosting with the state the rally in June. It was fun, lively, interesting and great friendship!! New members were active, delightful, engaging and we look forward to having them join the chapters for many more rallies!!!

June 2017

on Thursday, 01 June 2017. Posted in California

A general meeting was set up for the California officers at the Nevada rally in March. Five couples attended plus Region 1 Directors, Marty and Marion and California State Directors, Steve and Ursie Fisher. What a great think tank of ideas!! We are fortunate to have an average of 20 new coaches sold each month in California and another 15 to 18 new members into the Klub each month. Our dilemma is getting new people to come to the rallies more than once and to participate. Once that is accomplished, the following step is people that want to take an office.

There are three chapters in California, all active with many members belonging to all three chapters. One idea that we really liked was to assign a veteran member to each new member at the rally. This would help people to be introduced and feel welcome. Another suggestion would be to have a first time meeting to answer questions and get people involved. Drawing cards to shake up the dinner seating is something we do at most rally and this does seem to encourage people to talk to different people.

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